How to assign a texture to an object?

I created a material and see it on the sphere on the panel but I don’t find how to assign it to the object?

In a nutshell, you open texture tab in properties editor and add texture there, specifying all the settings you need. You may have to UV-unwrap your model beforehand (depends on what kind of texture you want to apply and how you want to apply it).

I don’t mean to be rude, but… Throughout your initial barrage of inquiries you’ve been given links into Blender wiki several times. There is a lot of basic stuff described there. Furthermore, these subforums have sticky threads with common questions and popular solutions: a good place to find answers so as not to raise the same questions again and again.

You know Such basic question are not answered straight away. I am reading help files since two hours now.

For example here in the gray rectangle: it is explained that if you dont assign the texture you get a gray: but nowhere else it is said how to assign the texture.

Is that so?

Again, I’m not trying to shoulder off your questions, and I understand that it’s hard to learn everything in the beginning, but I know for sure the information you request is covered in the wiki (and you’ve been given links to wiki earlier).

And I also must apologize since I misinterpreted your question, because the title says “texture”, yet in the question itself you say “material”. If you’ve created a material, it is already assigned to your object.

Here is my screen with the seemingly assigned texture and the gray of the Icosphere that should display the sky

You know I think I could read about textures for four hours with all that there is writen about that without finding the click that misses in my work.

In order for material textures to be displayed in the viewport you should:

  • make sure your shading mode is set to GLSL
  • make sure your normals are pointing the right way
  • make sure you either have lights in your scene or your materials are set to Shadeless

Thanks for replying still.
mabe it’s the normals after all
my material is shadeless and there is a light.
shading mode GLSL is it the red and white circle in the bottom toolbar?
(I found GLSL afterwards, but my machine can’t handle it.)

thats a camera view from the outside of the sphere actually it seems it’s the normals.

I fliped the normals twice and did not get a result.
I’m searching for a “two sided” square to tick

I think there is a problem with the viewport clipping
I had a result with the flip normals, but could still not render it

Here’s a first render with a few textures
thanks again for your presence