How to assign and display an image on a newly created set of UVS (solid shaded view)?

for my GoZ-like script, I need to display an image on a mesh faces. I use to assign an image, but it does not work (with the “textured solid” mode activated).

import bpy
img ="c:/Rendus/ps_0001.jpg")
ob = bpy.context.object #get the default cube
me =
uvtex =    
for mface in
    mface.image = img

It works only with GLSL activated, right?
I try to do the same but with in solid shaded, because this need to work indepently to any lamp, but with lamp too.
I have set a material with texture for the textured shaded (with GLSL), this works, but I try to do this with solid shaded too, this dont work at all.