how to assign shapekey?

how do i go about assigning shapekeys for each diferent shape of a mesh? i can assign ipo to an object but don’t have a clue about the shapekeys.
if anyone can give me at least a tip, or send me in right direction that would be great. i have been reading the Key section of the documents but it still goes over my head a little too much.from previous thread is a simple example of plane object, plane is made, then new vert position,
import Blender
from Blender import Scene
from Blender import Mesh
import Blender.Mathutils
from Blender.Mathutils import *

scn = Scene.GetCurrent()
coords = ([-1,-1,0],[-1,1,0],[1,1,0],[1,-1,0])
me = Mesh.New(‘mymesh’)
obj =
pos = Vector(2,1,1)
me.verts[0].co -= pos;
So if i use Blender.Set(‘curframe’,1) for original shape and then Blender.Set(‘curframe’,30) for next shape how do i assign shapekey for each and set that shapekey for that specific frame.

Do you already know what shapekeys are? You have to first go into the shapes section, make your base shape, then go into edit mode, make your changes, then save your shapekey, then go back into edit mode, undo it, and then make another shapekey…i hope that helps just a bit, i’m not really sure what you’re asking.


i know what shapekeys are, and i can use them in blender without scripting, but how do assign a shapekey to a mesh by scripting it…this is where i am stuck.

hmm…i never thought of that. I’m not good with scripting, so, sorry, can’t help. :frowning:


yeah well i learnt how to insert a key shape but i can’t assign it to a keyframe, like you would do inblender with the action slider in the action window, i am guessing(and hoping) it is possible, since the API does mention slidermax variable details, but it is so unclear in parts that you basically have to hack your way into it, once i get this to work i can have some fun with my meshes.