How to assign "Vertex Groups" for do Eye blink animation?


I am having a blocker issue with my Cocos3d iOS app, which uses Blender 3d model and animations. Could someone please help me this issue? I need your advise as soon as possible to fix from my side.

Issue is, I have created an Eye Blink animation for a Human model and trying to animate it in my iOS cocos3d app. Animation is not working in the app. But, i have done lipsync animations earlier, and it used to work fine in the iOS app as well. I forgot the actual steps to create animations in blender model to support in iOS Cocos3d app.

Now, after long time research, i found that i have NOT assigned “Vertex Groups” for Eye area in the model, and then add “Shape Keys”, Driver for an Armature to do this animation. Without assigning, “Vertex Groups” for Eye area, i’m trying to execute Eye blink animation straight-forward in iOS Cocos3d app, which is not supported in iOS Cocos3d app.

So, i tried assigning “Vertex Groups” for Eye area and added “Shape keys”, Driver for an armature to do this animation when moving the armature in Y axis.
The problem here is, since i don’t know and forgot how to properly assign “Vertex Groups” to the particular area in the human model and do animation by having “Shape keys” and an Armature, what is happening is, when i move armature for eye blink, the entire face area itself moving unnecessarily, rather than only eye to blink move and close.

I would like to know how to achieve eye blink or lipsync animations by assigning “Vertex Groups” for Eye area in the model, and then add “Shape Keys”, Driver for an Armature to do this animation? Could someone give me your valuable suggestions and links to go through please? This is an urgent need for me.

Thank you!


When one creates Shape keys in blender, Vertex groups is not automatically crated for the vertices you moved to create that shape. Vertex group has different function. It is used with shape key to blend shape effect.

If you need corresponding Shape key / Vertex group, you need to create them manually. Which should not be that difficult. All you need to do is to find out which vertex was moved from base shape in edit mode.

When you say the whole face is moving unnecessarily, that’s interesting. I wonder if you’re not trying to back peddle through your workflow accidentally creating a blink at the wrong point in any modifier stack? I also wonder if there’s some falloff setting you’ve set that you’re forgetting?

I just made those up because they sound possible.