How to assign / view textures on faces in 2.8 like in 2.79 (not via materials)?

So, in 2.79 I could assign a checker texture to faces via the UV editor… I could then see this in the viewport in Blender Render / textured mode. This was super useful as you could see the checker texture on the model without having to swap materials on the model. This would allow you to have a fully textured scene with many materials viewable in Cycles / Material mode… then you could switch to Blender render / Textured mode and see the UV checkers / texel density for lightmaps etc on the whole scene.

I can’t seem to recreate this workflow in 2.8. Is there something I am missing? If it’s not possible in 2.8 are there any add-ons that will allow something similar? basically some sort of master override for all the materials in the scene that can be toggled on off to display a UV checker.

any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Indeed, that would be useful to have an UV checker overlay or shading option.

Current Texture option in Shading popover is relative to a texture used in material.
So, texture by default, is often for rendering and not UV Checking.

What you can do id to create a nodegroup made of a texture coordinate node + an UVgrid Image node + an emission or diffuse shader. Add a second material output and plug this nodegroup to it.
Then, copy/paste these set-up to all materials.
Eventually, it becomes just a question of making active desired material output.
I did not try to automate that with python. I don’t know if there is current limitation that does not allow that.