How to associate .fbx file with Blender in Windows Explorer

I wonder if it’s possible to open up .fbx files from windows explorer directly with blender? I found the discussion thread which I linked below but I am not quite sure how do you make thoes scripts to work. Is anyone here using that auto_open python script here?


Hi, that auto_open script does the trick, but we need to trick windows with a batch script. I created a blender_open.bat file that contains this line

"PATH_TO_BLENDER\blender.exe" --python "PATH_TO_PYTHON_SCRIPT\" -- %1

You can drag and drop files on this one, or feed it to the Right Click->Open With->Other… choice.

I wonder if there are easier way: I haven’t found any other.

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Thanks this works!

Hey, I tried this today and unfortunately it does not work for me.
Blender opens when I drag the fbx onto the bat script (or rightclick open with), but its just the default start-up blender file.
Any Ideas?