How to attach the Character to a moving base

I’m trying to create an elevator, I use Character’s physics, Character goes up normally with the elevator, but when descending it goes down slower than the elevator, I already used a script to increase gravity, and Character got heavier than the elevator, however, when he steps in the elevator during the descent, the character bounces. I tried to parent them, but I couldn’t get Character to respect the collision of the elevator walls. And I realized that it is also a problem for me to create a platform that moves, because the Character keeps falling due to the speed. Thank you for your time, God bless youGif of my problem :)

you need to figure out the motion rate of the elevator, and apply that motion to all things on it.

this is physically accurate, you may need to just slow the elevator.

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Often people cheat with elevators by not making them move at all. If it is a typical elevator, then the player can’t see out anyway, or they can make the level move while the elevator is still.

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are you using character physics?

I just did this, and it seem to work fine but not sure if this is what you need.


For any moving platforms or elevators, I apply the same movements and rotations to everything in a collision area attached to the platform.

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