How to attack an AI character?


So I tried a collision brick with an AI character the other day, with a material as a collision for the Ai to end. That didn’t work.

Since I’m using an empty, I did try also that as a keyword, that didn’t do anything.

I’m just puzzled on how to knock off a character using a weapon with no projectile.

You make the projectile a actor and dynamic.You put a property on the projectile.Then you put the name of that property in your collision sensor.

The projectile would be the empty?

The projectile is what is emitted from the empty.You can name the empty whatever you want.

I parented the projectile cube to the FP. So it moves with the FP, I then put a .10 for the Y axis to fire at the Ai character, it doesn’t end. Do I need to use the motion, I did try that, similar to the kife effect I had done for LIS.

None of that works.

All you have to do is have the projectile spawn from a empty then parent that to the fp.You will need the projectile cube
to be dynamic and have a property on it.In order to take off hit points from the enemy.Like in this screenshot.

I added an edit object to the empty, so I could add the fireprojectile cube, and it is named that as a game property too. I don’t know how else.