How to auto save for files?

I want Blender to save more files for recovering, e.g. every 5 minutes.
Especially versions of the file which was used on the current day.
Blender saves a lot of files from yesterday etc. but I dont want Blender to save them, but much more versions of files 1-12 hours ago.
Is that possible?

PowerSave, a free addon, the very thing for saving incremental versions.

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Or just: Preferences: Save & Load: Auto Save… Ever xxx Minutes …?

that doesnt work and only saves the file once. I want it to save it every 2 minutes and have 10 recent files with it not only once.

There are up to 32 Save Versions possible. The Recent Files dictate the number of different recent used files. Filename get a number, has to rename (better copy) to distinct name if you wanna reopen. (Or the extra add-on)

I mean I want more auto saves, not recent files.
“When recovering an Auto Saved file, you will lose any changes made since the last Auto Save was performed. Only one Auto Saved file exists for each project, i.e. Blender does not keep older versions. Hence, you will not be able to go back more than a few minutes with this tool.”

Yes, i noticed that the number of last automatically saved files is called Save Versions in the Preferences and as you said

I want … have 10 recent files with it not only once.

But Blender calls the last different manually saved files: recent.
And because i know blender could do that i looked at the preferences to tell you the exact setting.

Yes, sorry, I mixed it up. I meant more auto saves for a file.

Don’t have to be, blender is using this vocabular.

So, did you ever find a solution? This drives me crazy since months!