How to automatically change the same one image texture in many different materials at once?

That’s it, I have this scene. It has various different materials for these different dice, but all these materials use the same image texture in common. I’ll need to render the same scene many times, and for each time I need to change the image for all these materials one by one. Is there any way to link all these different materials, so I can just change the image once and all the materials will also change this texture?

Thanks in advance!

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worse case scenario you can always change the image file :smiley:

But if the file is setup correctly, you only need to change the image path once :

If not, I’d go plan B unless you know how to do python scripting !


You may mix or control the color by using the location of the objects as indirect UVs to lookup the color like so (maybe adjusting any image dimension or special UV unwraping from view):

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