How to automaticly control when a bunch of rigidbodies has to start being active


I would like to make rigidbodies react to force field but as in the screenshot, I would like that the rigidbodies at the right react first, than the red ones, than the green ones.

I can animate them but as there are a lot, I would like to know if I can automate this with I guess with drivers : I think about a node time and an empty that measures the distance between itself and rigidbodies and all that drive activation of rigidbodies but I’m not sure how to set this to work ?

Any ideas please ?

Well, I’m simply gonna use the Y location of each object and the frame variable.

The problem is : let’s say the piece I put the driver on is named : “Cube001”, I can put “Cube001” in the field but if I copy Animation Data to other pieces, it will be “Cube001” and I would like that each piece has it’s own name of course in the field.

It seems the solution is to use the self expression but I have an error. I’ll investigate.

Finally use Animation Nodes ;).