How to avoid this texture stretch in Displace modifier?


I have to use “Displace modifier” (instead of displacement shader node) for a 3d print, but
why is-there a stretch in the middle of the mesh? :scream: I know that it is possible to avoid it in nodes shader but I don’t know if it’s possible in the “Displace modifier” :pray:

Can I have a peek at the displacement modifier. Or, try changing the Direction to normal in the displacement modifier.

Sure, please find it…
I have tried several “Direction” but I have always a stretch somewhere :grimacing:

Well, I don’t think I have figured it out yet but I think that subdivision surface modifier should be above the displace modifier.

Yes and even above same result :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

Has this object been UV unwrapped? I can see your using local coordinates but maybe UV’s would be better.

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First of all, as @a59303 already said, the subdiv modifier should be above (this only increases the resolution but doesn’t solve the stretching).

The stretching is caused by the local coordinates. Because in this case the modifier takes the x and y coordinates of each vertex and uses these as the u and v coordinates of the image. So in places where the x,y values are nearly the same and only the z coordinate changes (vertical parts of stone) there will be nearly the same pixels → looks stretched.

@a59303 suggested UV-Unwrapping and then using the UV-Map. This will only solve the problem partly. Because you can’t perfectly unwrap a sphere, ther will always be a visible seam.

I would suggest to either use multiple displacement modifiers with different 3D Noises on top of each other. Or to create the displacement procedurally with shader nodes and in the end bake it to a UV-Map to use it in a displacement modifier.

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:pray: Thank you a59303, :pray: Thank you Patrick
I made the UV-Unwrapping and that’s really better :+1:

:bulb: In fact I know that it will be a lot nicer with a procedural displacement shader, I have tried one time with a lot of hope and excitment to bake it but unfortunately the result was :nauseated_face: (I certainly miss something somewhere)

The “modifiers Displace” with a UV :