How to avoid ugly modelling ?


I’m new to blender and I’m disappointed about the impossibility to reuse curve or surftorus.
As far as I know, you can’t apply a modifier on a surftorus: you must convert to mesh. But as soon as you convert to mesh, you loose the flexibility of the surftorus (ie change minor major radius, inside, outside … ).
Then come the ugly modelling part if you want to change only inside size without changing outside size for example and this is the same problem for curve which is a wonderfull tool to design a complex tube.

So, my question is why Blender doesn’t provide a way to reuse curve or surftorus instead of working with “20 or more” vertex or edges manually and how do you redesign your curve once converted to mesh (ie remodeling seems very hard to achieve with Blender).

Thanks in advance for your help.

you can adjust the fatness of your torus with alt S ( scale along normal ) in edit mode. you can give it thickness with the solidify modifier.

alt S. this feature i was looking for. ty.
and yes, dont modle ugly!

My god, this is a perfect answer, for the thread I just started. Now I feel like a jerk for posting mine. In all fairness this did not say “torus” in the title. So. I can’t be held accountable for links I refused to click before posting bwahaha! Ok. What about asymmetrical scaling on cylinders?

Sorry to burst your bubble but I’m certain genus-2 NURBS surfaces are not achievable in Blender just yet… (Don’t know why, and I would love to be shown that it’s possible)… and that’s what your rifle stock calls for Maybe even genus-3 (imagine two - or three - donuts stuck together). Possible in mesh though.

Ok, you have to play with scaling, schrinking/fattening and solidify modifier for torus adjustment.
For curve, I probably need to use the curve modifier on X,Y and Z.

you can also adjust the fatness of a curve simply by going into edit mode, selecting the desired control point or points, and using alt S, same as on a mesh. (edit) in the pic, I have the handles selected, because I was scaling the handles, but the handles are not what you want to use alt S on. you’ll want to use the center control points.

you can make fun shapes using alt S plus subsurf plus proportional editing on a subdivided cube. ( endi came up with the idea )