How to bake a ocean modifier loop?

Hi, I’m trying to make a large scale ocean loop in blender. I did a basic loop with 2 ocean modifiers and now want to bake the loop so I can use it as a displacement map sequence to displace a large disk.

The problem is that Blender only gives me the option to bake the modifiers separately. My Sequenz is 120 frames long so I tried to bake the first ocean from 1 - 59 frames and the second from 61 - 120 frames. With that method the ocean loops at the end of the sequence but at frame 61 i have a big jump in the animatiom.

I also tried to bake both oceans 120 frames and mix them with a mix rgb node but that also didn’t work.
I’m using Blender Version 2.93.0

Because I’m a new user I can’t upload my blend file, so here is a google drive link with the file:

I have a realy tight deadline with this project so I would realy apreciate if someone could help me with that.

Hi Jakey !

Yep I can help you.

I discovered how to do this a little while ago. I took your file and baked it properly for you. Please find attached a zip file with the blend file and two folders with the properly baked data. .

I will put up a tutorial concerning this tip soon. God bless yo!

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Thank you Benny, thats a great technique.

I switched my scene from an ocean to an forest environment beacause I didn’t had the time to figure this out, but its great to know how I can make this work. I’m sure I can make use of it in the future.

Making a tutorial is a great idea. I think a lot of people would like to see that, I couldn’t find a single video about the baking process. For example for someone that want to make a ocean for there game this should be realy helpful. Or for somenone that want to use a renderfarm like me.

Thank you again for your help and have a great day!

How did you bake it pls, facing same problem… ocean loop is fine until bake

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Hi Benny7770,

can you describe how to do this? Do you simply bake both ocean modifiers and that’s is or is there some other trick to this?
I am running into the same problem. I need to make 5 different oceans, all about 6 minutes long and would love to do this through baked, looping oceans.

Thanx in advance!

hi there! oh my i forgot about this. i do apologise. I will put something together in terms of baking ocean modifiers within the next month. my apologies again.

Hi benny! I am facing the same issue and would love to know about going on something like this