How to bake a rig mesh so it maintain it's pose?

Hi guy’s, i am currently infuriating about a pose mesh that always change position for no obvious reason. It is a rig that was available on the internet and it work pretty good so i pose the model for a static logo and i just want to keep the mesh as it is but i have no idea how to bake that pose.

In a word this model will never be use for animation so i have tried to delete the rig but this is ruining the pose model, i also tried to convert to mesh and again it went all over the place so i am completely at lost on how to keep that pose model. I tried to append only the mesh from the file but the rig follow with it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi, in pose mode go to> Pose>Set pose as reset pose.
Or set a key frames for all the controls/bones.

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Hi mate and thank for the tips but it is quite a complex rig involving shape keys, armature + path follow constrain and i cannot collapse the armature in modifier stack since it is giving me a message that the modifier cannot be collapse with shape keys so i found a script that does this but i still have the mesh moving slightly off position and bringing the animation key back to frame 0 does not fix the issue.

I don’t recall how i was doing this in autodesk but it was much more easy than in blender to bake the pose while deleting the rig.