How to "bake" a stencil to make it visible in object mode?

After applying a stencil to a model in Texture Paint mode -

What specific minimum steps are needed to make it “permanent” - that is visible in Object mode?

Thanks much in advance for any advice.

Save the image texture you’ve just painted from the UV/Image editor window. Add a material to your obejct, add the image texture to that material and set the mapping coordinates to UV. In the 3d view set the view to Textured. The texture will also show up when you render your scene
In the 3d view properties panel (shortcut N) under Shading, enable ‘Textured Solid’. the texture will not show up when you render your scene

Hi Richard,

I must have some step I am not doing leading up to your steps. Here are notes I have taken from watching videos on stenciling - maybe you can point out the error or missed step?

1 Create your object.

  1. In Properties pick Texture, then Texture from that (you should now be

looking at Brush in that window).

  1. In UV Window create a new image, make it white.

  2. In UV Window create another new image, make it a Color Grid. This will be

our sample stencil. Open an image normally…

  1. Using the Browse image to be linked button (bottom) set it back to white.

  2. In Properties (right side) make a new texture, Type Image or movie, then

open you graphic file that you want to stencil with.

  1. Under UV Image Editor window select Paint context.

  2. Left of UV Image Editor window (Tools) open texture dropdown and you will

see the stencil image. Change brish mapping to Stencil.

  1. Under the object window
    change Mode to Texture Paint and you can how drag

the stencil over the image (right click).

  1. Shift right click scales. Ctrl Right click Rotates. Shift right click

scales, then you can tap x or y to restrict scaling direction.

(Need to figure out how to Bake this. When I do it it keeps dissapearing).

Edit: I also tried unwrapping the UVs after making the above list. Maybe I am doing something in the wrong order?