How to Bake Alembic Mesh to Keyframes for NLA?

Hi Everyone!

I am trying to Bake animated horse alembic mesh that I exported from Maya in Blender.
There are 6 animations that was imported to blender for Non Linear Animation (Loops). Is there a way to bake them as keyframes to separate the animation from another?

I tried to bake animation as an object but could not sepatare animations from each other. Its not repeating.

Can you give a screen shot or a file of your bake and NLA?

Tough to tell what your bake was.

As far as I understand, that’s not possible.

Alembic animation is already “baked”, for each frame vertices are at their respective - final - position, there’s no deformers/drivers/whatever control that could be applied to the mesh.
Hence you can’t mix animations in the NLA.

What you could do is:

  • use frame offset in the alembic cache modifier to start your animation at a certain point
  • import the alembic into multiple objects, each with different time offsets
  • use geometry nodes to blend between those objects (didn’t try yet but I reckon it should be fairly simple)

It’ll blend them, but almost certainly not in a way that erkinovsherzod wants. It’ll be blending vertex position rather than bone transform.

@bandages is right of course, good point.

It’s basically shape keys, linearly blending shapes into each other. You might be able to use it to disguise/smooth out small discontinuities from one clip to another, where pose differences are minimal but large enough to cause small jerks in the animation otherwise.


Huge thank you! I am using frame offset now. Then will try blending with geonodes.