How to Bake all Objects in Scene to 1 texture?

All of the objects in my scene have their own texture maps (as you would expect) but I need to export the whole environment as one object with one baked texture map. Exporting the scene as a single fbx is simple, but I’m not sure how to get everything on one texture.
I have watched tutorials on baking and understand the concept, but the tutorials seem to explain how to bake each object to it’s own texture and not the whole scene to one texture.
I have found a tool called “Bake Tool” which I am willing to purchase if this will help streamline the process, but even then I’m not sure how to go about this.

I don’t know about bake tool. To achieve what you want, you should join all meshes (crtl+j) and unwrap them (if you did unwrap) in one UV map and then bake all your textures to that uv map then export. So basically you should do what the video tutorial showing but your one object have many meshes.

There’s actually a texture atlas addon:

thanks for the replies. helluvamesh, correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like he selects multiple objects in his scene, and uses the “auto unwrap” button on his addon, and this bakes a material for the whole scene?

Like I said, I know how to save my whole environment as a single FBX, but am looking for a solution to bake the whole scene into a single material image.

I have only been using blender for a few months so I apologize if I am slow at getting these concepts!

The Texture Atlas addon helps you create the UVs faster without having to merge objects. This is useful because this way you don’t lose the individual objects’ origings. That’s all it does.