How to bake animation for multiple actions at once?

I need to bake all my animations with clearing constraints but it is impossible, because when I bake one action it breaks all my constraints in other actions.

Is there simple solution for baking? Or i have to use something like “export to FBX…blah…blah…blah” or “use nla to combine all actions and bake blah…blah…blah”?

old topic, but i got same problem. when i bake actions, i can bake only one action and automaticly ALL IK constrains removed break other actions.

Please note i want have multiple actions, not one action with all animations.

is there a way to bake all animation actions(with removed constrains and visual keying) not just one that will break others?(due to removed constrains)

im using blender 2.8 and i use gltf exporter for it where none of options do same as baking action.

any way i cant bake all this actions?


i also found some code i can run so it dont break on one actions so can make on multiple actions:

import bpy

ActionName = "Action"
action =[ActionName]
bakedaction ="BKD")

for fcurve in action.fcurves:
    frame = action.frame_range[0]
    newcurve =,fcurve.array_index)
    while frame <= action.frame_range[1]:
        frame += 1

BUT… it break overall

i understand second parameter should be keyword, but not sure what to replace there.

Unfortunately, I found only one method to do this:
Copy your armatures for each Action and bake 1 action for 1 armature. This works. It is a little bit tedious but works.

Probably it is would be better to create python script for my bake’n’save method.