How to Bake Animation ?

Hey All,

Can you please tell me how do I bake an animation in general?
(step-by-step or Video Tutorial will be very helpful).

If I’ve animated a sphere or more shapes moving around, rotating, etc… can I bake them and export to FBX?
or I can only bake armature animations?

Sorry for the confusion and Thanks ahead! :slight_smile:

Object / Animation / Bake Action

WOW! That was fast, and looks… simple?
Thank You! :smiley:

Hey Again,
I’m trying to bake this “test” animation, it’s a simple armature loop animation.

I want it to bake all the frames (50 frames) so I followed the earlier example: Object / Animation / Bake Action
But it only create the 3 keyframes again… not really baking.

Can you please tell me what am I doing wrong and how to do it correct?

I want to learn on this “test” file so I can understand how to do it on more complicated scenes and characters in the future.

test_for_baking_Animation.blend (468 KB)

Thanks ahead!