How to Bake Lights in 2.63a

As the title says how do I bake lights Blender 2.63a? Just the lights and only lights.

Hello can anyone help me??? :U

I think you mean 2.65a?

in the render panel the bottom panel is bake settings click the drop down menu where it says full render and select emission, i’m guessing this is what your after. of course ,you’ll need to set up a texture to bake to.

Yeah but full render bakes all of the texture colors and other unnecessary items to the texture. Any on how to get around that?

i just meant bake the emissions, but on testing it isnt about lights so i have no clue how to do what your asking

Oh, derp I missed the emission bit. I tried baking the emission but I didn’t get any results (just a black image). I also don’t have any materials that emit light.