How to Bake PBR materials?

I was watching the Blender Guru recent tutorials of the anvil and I used the PBR materials addon on it. So I’ve started wonder if it is possible to bake diffuse, specular/roughness, AO and etc maps inside Cycles.

I’ve tried here, but I only was able to bake the glossy one (in my case I used a metal pbr material from the addon).

I think it would be very handy if it was possible to do that. Maybe I going crazy thinking about it. But if anyone knows how to do it or another way of generate theses textures maps fully inside blender (pbr like) I would really apreciate it.

thanks in advance.

Hello. What do you need it for? Do you want to put it inside a game engine? From your screenshoot it looks like you put a ‘naked’ principled shader with some settings changed over that anvil, without any maps.

yes, in my case I am using Unity and the UPBGE. Actually it is a ‘naked’ principled shader, It’s from the PBR addon. For example, I wanted to generate these maps for the game engine just like the Substance Painter. (I don’t know if you understood)

Something like what you can see at the end of this video:

But being able save it on images.

Some update:

I’ve found this tutorials:

But I’ve found a problem while doing the microbumps, they get pixelated and when I try to bake in the same way he does in the video, my bake result are just black image.

Here the blendfile I am working with:

pbr.blend (801 KB)

OBS: My question and my problem is not because I have to use Cycles to create the materials, my question is how to bake it. As in the tutorial wich the pbr branch was used, I don’t really mind using the normal cycles to do it, but I want to create the texture maps as he did on part 3 of the tutorial, so I can use on a game engine.

This is what I am asking:

But I can’t bake them, or at least I don’t understand

Hey, sorry for not replying. Blender has no built-in way to bake PBR materials yet. But you can bake ‘masks’ that you use when creating cycles shader, you bake them as emission. It usually takes some tweaking before you’ll get it right but it is doable.