How to bake something in Blender?

I wonder in the future if Blender can be used to bake things…

it can not :frowning_face:

Yes when someone implement it. Its open source everybody can do it when they want but i dont think this will be an official thing. (Not sure about the license of the method.)

Perhaps when a new computational model starts to gain momentum and gradually becomes a standard. Such as for example the first renderers (ToyStory 1) were only used raytrace model to calculate light. However now rendering is much more sophisticated with dielectric properties of materials and such. Not to mention that “material science” is totally irrelevant to computer rendering, because raytracing computes only surfaces. It was only by combining these two computational models (raytracing + dielectric materials) to get far more accurate and improved results in rendering.

Now I can find these two intereresting computational paradigms to be explored sometime in the future.

  • Timespace properties: How timespace calculations affect light simulations.
  • Atomic properties: How atoms affect rendering (see: butterfly wings).