How to bake the visual positions of an animated armature of a bot?

Well, hi there.
As you probably know, i am makign some models for supreme commander.
Like my bot (which i cannot attach cause this forum system is stupid:spin:). Well, i moved the legs with an IK solver constraint, and now i want to …convert it like a mesh with modifiers.
I want that the visual positions become the keys of the animation and that the constaints and that stuff disappear.
is there any possibility?

noone? oh come on! there msut be a scripts or siomething like that

Last year ideasman42 wrote this script that may do what you want. I’ve never tried it though.

Have you tried keying VisualLocRot?

For attaching a link, you could upload your blend to or and then copy/paste the link here.

how do i key an existing animation with visual loc rot? can i write into a new empy animation while putting in those visual locrots?

hmm it doenst seem to work …it just messes all up…

do you want to say me that i have to create this walk animation MANUALLY?