How to Bake Vertex Colors to Texture?

I’ve been working on this for a couple of days and don’t seem to be able to find a technique that works well. FYI, I’m using 2.42a on a Mac and am trying to use Blender to create models and textures for a game (not Blender Game Engine). What I ultimately want to be able to do is create seamless, non-distorted texture maps and lightmaps.

Here’s my method so far:

  • To experiment, I’m using a model of Suzanne, which I subsurfed, then applied the subsurf.
  • I then applied a procedural texture.
  • Set the scene’s background color to match the object’s texture.
  • Went to “vertex paint” and used the very nice “Self Shadow VCols (AO)” script to bake AO to the vertices.

This results in a model that looks exactly the way I want. Now all I have to do is bake the texture and vertex lighting/colors to a texture map. That’s where things start to fall apart:

  • If I use the “Texture Baker” script in the default scripts, it only bakes the procedural texture to the texturemap. This is OK, and the script does a very nice job, but it doesn’t include the vertex colors (AO). if there’s another way to bake just the vertex colors to a texture then I can then merge the two in GIMP. But I haven’t found a script that does this?
  • If I use the “BRrayBaker” script, the resulting texturemap looks terrible, with seams everywhere. I tried cleaning it up manually, but with complex models the task becomes impossible.
  • If I use the “UV Painter” script, it only creates a texturemap the size of your screen, which then has to be manually rescaled, cropped, edited, etc. and I’ve found it impossible to get the registration exactly right. Is there a way to save the same sized and proportioned image file as used by the UV editor with this script?

Am I missing something? Is there a script that actually works I haven’t tried? Argh, somebody please help because this is driving me nutz!

I figured it out! I just needed to change the material settings to the object before using “Texture Baker”. Once I did that and tweaked the UV map a bit, it worked great!

Dont quote me on this, but I read the other day that for a next release or so, Lightmaps feature coming.(I think I read Ton was going to do it! )


I can tell you it’s gonna be widely tested.

are like legions of us, game artists, waiting to enjoy this in Blender…

I’ve played a lot in the past using Blender as level editor which needed to export the scene towards some tool that generated the lightmap. So, this is gonna actually rock.

Yes, that will be a very valuable addition to Blender!

To bake the vertex colors :

Note : AO are not stored in vertex colors .