How to batch crop many images (Linux)?


I am new to Blender.

I am rendering about 100 frames at 1024x768 for a screensaver (in Windows, but I work on Linux).
I can’t figure-out how to render only the rectangular area that is changing (which is about 1/4 of the area) so I was wondering if anyone here can suggest a script or app that can batch crop lots of images all to the same size?


Ah! I have discovered ImageMagick :slight_smile:

F.I.Y the command is:
convert -crop 557x428+0+340 -page 557x428+0+0 *.png cropped.png

This will crop a 557 by 428 section from pos (0,340) out of .png and place it into cropped.png. at (0,0) - WOW!

Still don’t know how to render a section - will move that question over to General forum.

don’t do it too quickly, because the answer is pretty simple

press the crop button [render buttons, next to render output], and in the camera view press shift+b and box-select kind of thing to define the region to render

[if you don’t press the crop button, the area around that region will be black, which I guess could be something you work with too]

I dunno how to choose particular pixel boundraies tho…

Brilliant! It would be great if one could resize that red box that is drawn, and specify (as you say) pixel boundaries, but it’s a start!
Thanks a million!