How to bath a cat.

It still needs a lot of work, but I laughed at this so much, I had to so everyone.
Tell me what you think.


This is certainly a funny concept, I think it just needs the scene to be fleshed out more. Model the rest of the bathroom, give everything some textures and give it a nice render - luxrender, cycles, or BI with a nice light setup.

I would say, that more looks like horror movie right now… Killer dog just drowned poor kittie… Make that cat alive!
… i like that dog’s grin ;).

maybe some scratches on the dog (i know personal experience bathing a cat is followed by blood on hands and arms ahaha) funny though. You may make an animation, isn’t this part of that cartoon you created?
Keep up the good work!

getting a little closer. Im working of fur right now


We need more light!!! That bathroom is too dark…

This would be better in cycles or octane etc…

I liked the facial expression and head direction of the dog from the first image a little better. Now it looks like he is looking at the viewer and ignoring the cat that he is flushing. Or is this a different frame from an animation?

Playing with cycles a little bit. I like him looking at the cat too, better I think.