How to begin modeling a miniature toy car

i’m sure there are some car modeling tutorials out there but i’m interested in modeling miniature toy cars with fair detail such as a mini rc car, hotweels, micro machines etc. but more generic and toyish and ofcouse fairly low poly for rendering in bge.

since a palm-size mini verison would look slightly more deformed or mushed together how would i begin modeling a toy version after the real version?

any tips or links to tutorials would be appreciated:)

most of the time I model a “straight” car model, and then with the “Proportional Editing” tool, I select some points and then move/scale them to make a more or less cartoon style!

I can basicly shrink the car? with prportional editing.
thanks oh so much. i’ll post shots soon.

I would model it like any other car. I would get a front and side photo or blueprint if possible. If I did not have access to such data, I would try to hand stretch out the front and side view then model from that.

Almost all toy cars are made out of only a few pieces: body, doors (maybe), hood (maybe), wheels (I hope), and hood (maybe). So the model should reflect that.