How to begin scripting with python?

Absolute beginners question…

I would like to try my hand a scripting the simplest graphic event (e.g., display a sphere) with Blender. However, I have no idea of where to begin. Once Blender has been launched how exactly does one open a editor for Python? From my my browsing there appear to be large numbers of available scripts and games, but I haven’t found a tutorial that gets me started with scripting. A couple pointers on how to get started with a few lines of code would be much appreciated.


Okay, I’ve just found reference to the online book and the chapter on Python Scripting.

If you want to learn python, look at the documentation on
Once you’ve learned python and want to code for blender go to
All of these are in the “Blender” module, so eg

import Blender
a = Blender.Object.Get("Camera")

To write the script press Shift+F11, add new, type away, press Alt+P

BTW: if you want to write python scripts for the game engine it’s a bit different, you don’t have access to the Blender module, rather a GameLogic (I think it’s called) module, the documentation for which can be found at