How to bend a bumper?

Your normals are out. Go to edit mode, select all vertices, faces or whatever (A key until all selected), then use the Mesh >> Normals >> Recalculate Outside menu.

Normals are basically that each face has an inside and an outside (e.g, skin is dusty yellow on the outside, but fleshy red on the inside). Sometimes when you model objects, multiple extrudes and moving faces around can end up flipping them over. The black edges show you where those flips happen.

That’s worked perfectly it looks a lot smoother now :slight_smile:

Thanks for accepting my invitation you’ve been really helpful, I will be posting the door and roof etc. soon once I have sculpted them into a better shape

I’ve started giving shape to the door,rear and roof of the car, although its quite difficult to line the components up.

Anyone got any ideas how to make it easier? :confused:

edit mode> select vert > w> smooth. this is a amazing tool that smooths things diffrently.
love to see the result.

Thanks Ionee I discovered that tool recently and have used it a lot since then,

I finished the rear bumper and extended the roof at the rear and created the boot/trunk.
Then with a cruel twist of fate I hit my PC’s power button with my elbow and the the thing switched off. :eek:

For some reason Blender wont reload the autosave, it just says there was an error,
here’s what i had although it will need to be done all over again :frowning:

Don’t worry about that Primordial, when I was training in Maya, the tutors put a lot of emphasis on “delete and start again”. The theory is that while it might feel like seven steps back, when you repeat stuff you get it that much faster the second time around, with fewer uncertainties and it sinks into your head a whole lot better (becomes second nature).

Thanks Lancer,

That’s helped me think a lot more positive about the situation, It might be worth re-doing quite a bit of the model, since there a so many displaced vertices.That in some components it would take a lot of time to refine them into the correct shape.

sorry, didnt mean to post, cant delete(new to forums)