How to bend a cuboid with 2-bone armature?


First of all, I am very sorry to post this because i think this question have been asked a million times, but I seriously still cannot get it to work.

Basically, I am trying to bend a cubiod using armatures, but after trying very hard, I still cannot figure out how to link the cuboid to the armature, and I need some guided advice. This is what I did using blender 2.49a:

  1. add a cube mesh, scale along x into a cubiod. OB: Cube, ME: Cube
  2. add an armature, “E” to extrude (adding another bone). Align armature object inside of cuboid. AR: Armature, OB: Armature.
  3. right click cuboid, under panels, Editing (F9), links and materials, Vertex group add new, Group (the name i suppose). Modifiers, add, armature, OB: Armature. VGroup: Group.
  4. go into pose mode, move Armature around, but Cube doesn’t follow.

May I know what is wrong, what steps am I missing and which steps are redundant, if any?

So far this forum describes the solution best, but I really cannot get it to work.

Thanks for any help, really desperate now.

Subdivide your cuboid Mesh a few times so it’s got some loops to bend along.


OH!!! ok ok … one sentence from you saved me many hours… thanks thanks.

You can select object:cube and then also object:armature and then ctrl-P and parent. Is that what you need?