How to bend a wall along a curve (WHILE KEEPING ON A GRID)

Hello, I’m building a modular building set for a video game in Blender, so its utterly important that everything stays perfectly aligned on the Blender grid.

I’m trying to use a curve deform on a wall piece to make curves corners, however it’s been extremely difficult to get the orientation correct, and even when the orientation is correct the piece seems to shift slightly off the grid (not even a full unit)

On the left here are my wall pieces (each 8 units long), and on the right is what I’m trying to accomplish

Here is my closest attempt at what I want:

As you can see its not only is the model inverted, but it has shifted off the grid and is no longer meeting edge-to-edge with the other wall piece …

I managed to get rid of the inversion by rotating the wall in object mode, but I don’t feel like that is an appropriate fix because I don’t want everything that is deformed to have to be manually flipped around opposite from the other pieces. Also fixing the inversion still did not solve the grid-alignment problem.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

The curve can’t be set to deform the two because the length of the bend is (24pi)/4 = 2pi = 6.28318530718 so it won’t line up. Bending just one part works.

Not exactly sure what you mean by “Bending just one part” … Only one of my wall segments (object) is being deformed

Ah. Wasn’t clear on that and couldn’t check

Why would you do this with a curve? I would do this with the spin tool.

Good idea, using the spin tool works !

Still wondering if its possible to do it with curves/paths though, since in the future I might want more complex curves than are possible with the spin tool

EDIT: i take it back, no the spin tool will not work for me because it requires that I reset the UVs. so its not what I need in this case

It is.

Object data properties for the curve, enable stretch and bounds clamp options.
Curve edit mode, ctrl+T to tilt it and have the mesh orientation on the curve align with the rest.

Upload an example .blend file and don’t crop screenshots when asking questions. Cropping hides information and if you want to know how much information value those have left, just check each screenshot above. Normally wouldn’t even answer without a .blend because that’s where the problem is, with most information, and don’t have to start from scratch to produce visuals just to answer you.

Doing these two things solved the problem, thanks a ton! Next time I’ll make sure to upload a .blend file to make things easier.