How to bend and use on mesh (as shrink wrap)

I have mesh and i added array and tried with simple deform method. Did not work for me. With the shrink wrap modifier i tried that also did not work for me. I want to curve the mesh with array modifier and fix (shrinkwrap) on the curve mesh.

perfume.blend (4.9 MB)

That is the correct method. There are just some steps lacking to obtain a successful result.

Simple Deform modifier’s Bend effect is relative to origin of object by default.
That can be difficult to know in what direction, it has to be reoriented and how far it should be from mesh.
So, the simplest way to obtain desired result is to use an empty as Axis Origin for this modifier.

(You could also apply array and use Warp tool in edit mode. But that is destructive)

Then, Shrinkwrap will stick all vertices on the surface of object unless a weight group is used to avoid that.
So, to keep a pertinent relief, you have to paint in weight paint mode or assign different weights on different selections of vertices in edit mode.