How to blend 2 lamp node data?

I’m fairly new to node setups so I thought I should ask for advice on this, the file I attached includes my attempt to blend shadow casts from 2 different sources(sun lamp), the main problem was that the shadows needed to be very dark in order to blend with themselves, there must be better ways to do this than what I’ve done, right?


blendlamp.blend (505 KB)

First thing I get in mind is mixing them at 0.5 not 1.0, it changes it a bit!

Here’s a fixed blend, disabled receive shadows on the plane material and changed the node setup a bit.


blendlamp.blend (494 KB)

@@Jackii, I couldn’t post this sooner but yes the fix works, thank you, really appreciate your help, watching those different shadows blend together with the nodes are amazing :cool: