How to blend two different textures on (particles) grass?? in BI,not in cycles

I create some scene for animation (so is in BI ,not cycles). There is big grass area.Particles,hair.Ok, I aply one texture performed in gimp as image .This texture ,mapped as uv to all gras area makes it many green hues ,various blurs ,so it seems more natural,organic and not soccerfieldlike ;). Ok, next I try to aply other texture- blend, color ramps( grass tip to trapsparence),mapped as strands/particles. So, my problem is only one texture affects grass in render(both textures are enable). Only last texture in stack affects grass in render. So …question is how to blend those two textures softly???

For myself, personally, the three blending methods I use are mix, multiply and screen. For transparent textures I would assume that multiply would work fine. Also, would it be possible to post some screen shots of the texture settings?