How to blender?

(Rishav Roy) #1

Hello blender artists,
I am Neopresso and I have very recently started using Blender. To be honest, I find the interface a bit confusing, and too many technical terms for me to comprehend. Any help and advice on where to start and how would be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot.

(English is not my native language) #2

Hello, welcome here!
You start by understanding Blender interface:

Some of those tutorials are series in incremental order of complexity, so you could then investigate more tutorials on the channel of some of those youtube users.

(BigBlend) #3

You should try the beta builds of blender 2.8 as it is much more intuitive.

(El Director) #4

I agree. Although not feature complete or stable, at this point it makes sense for someone new to start learning the new version, depending on what they want to accomplish.

(icyou520) #5

Honestly I would not try 2.8 just yet (wait until the beta comes out in OCT/NOV).

BigBlend/ElDirector is correct it will be much more intuitive but right now it is still in alpha and buggy.

I would start here

Then COMPLETE his donut course then after that you will have a great idea what Blender can do and how to do it.

Programs don’t matter much, once you learn the basics of 3D you can translate that across most 3D programs. I have been using Blender for almost 3 years now and watch tutorials for other programs, then I can figure out a way to do it in Blender.

(smilebags) #6

Hey, good advice from the others.

I work in programming and come across this a lot, so this is something to keep in mind: You’re not only learning how to use Blender, but if you’re new to CG, you’re learning how the industry works. While Blender isn’t super great with its industry standard naming, I would say more than half of the stuff you’re needing to learn is just CG terminology, not specifically blender.

(Rishav Roy) #7

Thanks a lot, icyou!
Hopefully, I can learn a lot more about the Blender interface and 3d modelling and animation in general.
Again, thanks

(Rishav Roy) #8

That has been my original intention and this is why I even started using Blender: to learn more about CG and Blender so that it can help me for any future endeavors.