How to break up the edges of this?

I am working on a sidewalk scene and the first thing I have created is the sidewalk itself.

Though the edges are already beveled, is there anything I can do to make it more rocky and uneven along the sides mainly? I considered a displacement modifier with the sides as a vertex group, but it just didn’t turn out properly.

For all you could model you would need moar geometry. What’s left is some fake using normalmaps. Make a copy, subdivide a bit (apply that) and sculpt. Then bake.

It really depends on what you have in mind. For regular sidewalk edges brake up do to grass or other debris at the edge, like this:

Or, are you looking for old broken edged sidewalk:

Well I’m actually going to have a bit of foliage and a row of stones break the edge up, so I might be able to leave it. Sculpting would be nice, but sidewalks are flat enough to where they wouldn’t be visibly rugged, right? Unless they are the broken sidewalks in the reference image above.

One way you can do it that isn’t very clean, but works, is to create a plane, subdivide it a bunch, then use proportional editing to scale it randomly until you have a random looking plane. Then you can use boolean modifiers to take chunks out of the sidewalk with the plane. One thing to worry about is that it may make lots of n-gons. Aside from that, best of luck!

That’s a very good reference image riddix. I could simulate it by adding a displacement and setting it to Y only.

Well, there’s a Blender’s Cell Fracture addon in addition to Gimp. For the front plane…
Any quick scratching, Gimp’s grid generator and Normalmap plugin was the base.
Displacement works on real vertices - you would need a lot.

That’s pretty cool, it looks as if the object has actually been broken up.

Well, it is…actually. This is Cell Fracture Addon using some Grease pencil dots on slab.

Thanks, I think I saw something like this on youtube, I should look into it further. For this blend I am following a reference picture, so the sidewalk must look mostly newish, besides the edges. I decided to try my best to conceal them with grass, as in the ref image.

I will finish the lining of the sidewalk later. Anyway, I am recreating a picture and going for realism, and this is the current WIP:

Image of reference

Obviously I have a while to go, lol. Right now, my main problem is that I need the edges of the rocks to be sharper. The rocks are based on displacement midifers of clouds and voroni. The rocks themselves are only 12 poly. Any idea how to make the edges sharper, like in the picture below mine? Thanks