How to brillantly mess up your first project on a RenderFarm

Hello everyone !

Like a debutant ( witch I’m ) I mess up while sending my project to a Render Farm. I choose to render all my project with Eevee and i found that RenderStreet was a good choice for a first time. With helps of tutorial, I do my best for prepare the file for renderStreet with inside the file, my render file , inside another file with the textures ( the picture of the environnement texture ) and a maximofbx armature ( I don’t know if this armature was necessary ) Well, I loose 25 euro because the render was that picture :rofl:

It shows that the picture of the environnement texture is missing but I put it in the file for render ! Maybe it was better to copy the file for render instead of displace them from their original place ? i don’t know , my goal is to try again without loosing all this money, what are your suggestions ?

p.s : that’s an animation of 400 frames
Merci , Maria


If anyone have others RenderFarm that render EEvee, I would love to know too :slight_smile:

Why can’t you render it on your home pc? Does it take too long?

Yes it takes way too long, my computer have any gpu, the volumetric clouds bug my computer. I’ve put the sample at 200 and the resolution at 200%, maybe its too much and that’s why? I would love to have a really good quality for those renders

Hi, i don’t know if you know this but you’re supposed to pack all your files into the the .blend before you send it to to a render farm.

This will pack all your textures as well as environment texture into just one file.
Don’t send them separately.
Also, you should check out ‘concierge render’ if you want. They offer rendering at a cheap rate and it’s pretty fast.

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Hey !! after pack all files and sending my file animation to RenderStreet here the result , I’m so disapointed… why the lights spots are visible ? when I render just a single frame on my computer it’s not visible at all :sob:

From my computer for just a frame :