How to bring Grease Pencil drawings to another .blend file? - 2.80

I tried Appending but only an empty Grease Pencil data arrives.
In the original I have 4 keyframes. Only one keyframe arrives, without the drawings.

I tried today’s release.
Should I try exporting it?
If so, under what format?

Thanks guys

I was able to do it by copying the GPencil item from the Outliner, and pasting it to the new file.
So now I know this can be done this way.

What sucks is that I was doing this in the hope that the Onion Skinning effect would be restored, but it wasn’t. It seems the Onion Skinning effect got affected when I imported an image to draw over.

I take it you tried adding it to a collection and just appending the other file after opening it? Grease pencil objects are just like any other objects so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work… although I have not tried it myself.