How to bring objects from different .blend files together?

Hey there!

I downloaded some .blend files from the internet with objects I need, which I would like to put in a scene of a building I modeled.

How do I bring the objects together? I don’t see a “Save Object As” function and every file opens in a new blender startup instead.

shift f1 on pc.

Use file append, then load object(s) from the Object “tree” (looks like a folder / directory).


aka: shift f1

Thank you, almost there! I still get a message “Wrong indicated name”

I’m not sure what causes that message.

  • what version of Blender are you running?

  • Are you opening/appending another .blend file ? (has to be a different file than the one you have open (save a copy if necessary)

If none of the above helps, describe exactly what you’re doing / clicking on / typing. It should be a fairly simple procedure :slight_smile:

Ok seriously how do I do this?

I go shift F1 then it opens a file manager window then I select the .blend file. But there are many things to choose from. Which one do I choose here? I chose mesh then “Load Library”… then end up back on the normal blender screen without any new objects in it…


You’ve appended the mesh only. Sounds like you want to append the object - go into the Object folder.

Ok in the object folder I get

Plane 002

Do I choose one?


Yes, select the object(s) you want to append (left-click selects one, right-click select several, middle-click selects and accepts).

As I wrote in my first message :

Use file append, then load object(s) from the Object “tree” (looks like a folder / directory).

You’ll use the Object “tree” 99% of the time. Appending from other tree/directory/sections is for doing more esoteric / complex appends, that I’ve never had to use.


Ok, now I see how you got that message, you opened one of the append file’s “directories / trees” (whatever the heck they’re called), but didn’t select anything, then pressed enter / load library.


Thank you for the help Mike!

Still didn’t get it right, but I’ll try again tommorrow. Got people over now