How to bring the header back on?

I accidentaly deleted half the header and don’t know how to add it back

Quotation from the Manual

Once a Window Header has been hidden, to redisplay it, do the following:
*Move your mouse over the dividing frame/border of the Window Header you wish to unhide (which can be just above or just below the Window Header (that you previously hid) depending on it’s position), when the mouse cursor is positioned correctly it will display as upward and downward pointing arrows;

*When the upward and downward pointing arrows are displayed click RMB; A popup menu will be displayed with the options Split Area, Join Areas, Add Header, select the Add Header menu option to add the Window Header back to the window. 

* You can also show a hidden header again by clicking the window frame's border with MMB, and selecting Add Header.

*The Window Header can be displayed at the Top or Bottom of the frame. To set a window header's position, RMB click on the Window Header and choose Top or Bottom from the Header popup menu.

Is that it?

no not really ,thanks, only part of my header is gone, the part where you can choose point select, face select, line select and a lot more other parts

Have you tried MMB click and drag on the header?

THat doesn’t work either, but anyways I’ll just delete the model and make a new one, since it comes back when I start a new model

on the left hand side there is a ‘triangle arrow’ pointing either down or right … tool tip says :
down case ‘Hides Pulldown Menus’
right case ‘Enables display of pulldown menus’
I 'd guess you want to click on that ?

Try to remove ALL headers, then try to add them again. Worked for med and I made the exact same mistake.