how to buffer copy a texture and assign 1 user?

hi guys , i m making a waves seascape ttutorial but when i make a texture and then add another texture by buffer copy it maintain the original user so the two textures are like one, just clicking on the number 2 button does nothing, i need two different texture to later fine tune one of them and dont change the first ,help please. thanks.

Click the little ‘2’ (or whatever the number is) between the texture name and the ‘X’ button. Confirm ‘Make single user’.

Before that the textures are really just links to the same thing.

tex.001 --> [texture definition in memory]
tex.002 --> same thing

Modifying tex.001 or tex.002 modifies the same thing memory.

tex.001 --> [texture definition in memory]
tex.002 --> [copy of texture definition in memory]

Modifying tex.001 and tex.002 modifies distinct things in memory.

Hope this makes sense.

i did it but the button seems not working, i am using alpha2 build is this happening with someone else can be a bug ?

You can not make a texture single user in the Material Buttons, only in the texture buttons. I don’t know why, and it’s certainly irritating.