how to build a city?

I find the “red dwarf” script, but it generates

         /    \
       --      --
      |          |
      |          |
      |          |

frequently than

         |    |
       --      --
      |          |
      |          |
      |          |


      |          |
      |          |
      |          |
      |          |
      |          |
      |          |

and I donno know

  1. how to add the details on the platform that appear on
  2. how to map the building

I also think there is less control in red dwarf than grebble ( a 3dsmax script)

if you need, there a 2 tutorials on greeble

You could use cityblock generator … Do a search for that here on the forum… after that you could add some textures…


The first tutorial looks to show a pretty efficient way of creating a city but the second one’s in Japanese.

City block script would be the way to go but you can manually create buildings using blocks you put together and duplicate and weld together like bottom blocks and window and feature blocks and make each building a slightly modified version of the previous.

No, not Japanese, but Simplified Chinese :slight_smile:
The 1st one only tell how to add block
but the 2nd one treats more details and the maps

I downloaded … but wasn’t able to get anything out of it. Are there any docs for this script?

I ran the script … used the default values … pressed create and nothing. The console window said:

ERROR: .bbl file does not exist

Obviously I need a .bbl file … don’t have any … don’t know how to create one … could use a little help.

Any ideas?

ezual hasn’t yet written an update for city block generator, so it’s possible that you would need an earlier version of blender or python to run it. but the instructions on it are in the thread somewhere. basically you make a library of UV mapped buildings, ( .bbl files which you make from within the program ) and then specify a few parameters, and it adds them, with the random parameters you specified. It has other functions too. I have no problems using it, but i have python 2.22 instead of 2.23.

Well … in the hour since I wrote my last post, I’ve gotten the script to work … a little. It’s buggy as hell, and not very forgiving. I simply used BBF files that were available for download in the original thread and created a BBL file. I then created a mesh, subdivided it three times and pressed Create. It worked. I’ve received several errors trying to load UV mapped buildings that were also supplied, because the program could not find the texture files, so I won’t use those buildings. I even crashed Blender once when I tried to render the created city block. I got around that one by exiting the script before I rendered. That might have taken care of the problem … it worked once anyway.

By the way I am using the last stable release 2.34 and the full python install (2.2.3). If you have any suggestions … recomendations … mapping tips … etc, I would greatly appreciate it. Hope this project hasn’t fallen through the floor. I resurrected the original thread hoping someone might take an interest again. :smiley:

I suppose Beast is in limbo too? From what I understand … it’s basically all the same program, CityBlock being released early.

<EDIT> Just tried something that worked before … now doesn’t. I was able (once) to load one of the buildings that was originally UV mapped. Now when I try it … several times … I get this error:

Loading building: Building
Texture not found: /home/kino/Blender/Script/City/Cubecon.jpg
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 724, in BEvent
File “”, line 238, in Load
CurFace.image = im
UnboundLocalError: local variable ‘im’ referenced before assignment

I’m guessing it couldn’t find the texture and didn’t assign the variable “im”. It tried to access the variable and … blooey. How I got it to load once is beyond me. I tried to restart blender and reload the script … no good. Needs alot of work it would seem.

You could also try the Procedural City Detailing plugin.

Thanks. I’ve downloaded it. I’ll give it a try. Not sure the level of detail is as good as one might need, except for a game. But I’ll see how it works. If you are interested, you might check out the City Block Generator (Beast Beta Released) in the Blender Python and Plugins forum for more info on City Block as well as the Beast scripts. I have resurrected the topic in the hopes of sparking renewed interest in these scripts. City Block was rolled into the Beast, but the beta version appears to have been lost during the server move of Haven’t heard a thing about the Beast in a couple of months. The Beast script not only included CityBlock, but also had the ability to create fur, hair, etc. From what I can tell, a very flexible program.

Fweeb was able to upload a copy of the Beast python script. He wasn’t sure if it was the latest, but I think it was close. Here’s the link:

This script should have the CityBlock script rolled into it … that was the original idea anyway.