how to build a game tutorial

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I am a very skilled 3d Artist, I’ve worked in the game industry for 10 years and now I’d like to make a simple game of my own that my family can enjoy… through research I found Blender to be one of the best packages for my needs.

Unfortunately, 90% of all tutorials I’ve found are for things I’ve already mastered (modeling,texturing,char anim & lighting). I need to know how to make objects interact into a game!

Wiki is a nice place for Blender docs, yet I only found one basic tutorial. Although it is very good one to get you started (made a simple maze and knocked over objects) it is still very basic.

Any suggestions on where I can find intermediate - advanced tutorials on making a game with Blender?

thanks in advance!

  • Richi

Hello and welcome,
“advanced level tutorials”?
Blender Game engine is a “low-profile” soft, most people here, including me, are not “advanced”, I guess?!
Anyway, probably, the better place to help you to get a “grip” on Blender is here:
download as much as you can and investigate…yes, it’ll take some time.

umm. im not very advanced so all i can say is Good luck =D.

Check this out:

You can try the Blender Game Kit

I guess you know about the Game Engine forums?