How to build most reallistic light and rendering at all?

Much time I thinking about how to build photoreallistic scene, I thought that everything depends of light and shadows, and think so now…
but I cannot rich effect when ranges are flash on the sun, and often I get images where perpendicular planes have the same color and look like one plane.

May anybody tell me how to build this things more realistic?

To get more realistic renders, you should actually try rendering with Indigo, or another external renderer that supports true GI, as well as better material properties so that light interacts with them properly.

Blender has a very good renderer, but does not support treu GI lighting and it’s materials can be a bit if a hassle at times, though very usable.


What about yafray? Is it way to get more realism using it?

It is, it supports GI, dispersion, caustics, ansiotropic shader models (although only via .xml editing), etc…most of the stuff you need for true realism (on the other hand, you could fake most of that but that won’t make it very accurate).
HOWEVER, it is NOT a receipt to simply “bake” realistic images. If you’re looking for that, I’d also advise to check out Indigo which makes things even easier than Yafray, I’m often surprised how simple the corresponding lighting setup is when you look at images made with the new render engine.

But there is no way to get around some work. To achieve realism you need to work on your skills in texturing, lighting, modelling (and traditional techniques of art, as composition, wouldn’t hurt either :wink: ). Without that, you’ll be most likely lost even with the powerful yet simple methods of Indigo and Yafray.

Well said and so true.