How to build PDF files

Ok I built a PDF file on how to build PDFs with OpenOffice 1.99 go to

and download my PDF


If you want a copy of OpenOffice goto

and download it.

let me know what you think about the PDF tutorial.

Happy PDFing.


Have you also tried Ghostscript and Redmon? I have gotten some fairly decent results. Those are probably best suited for outside OpenOffice…

I do however like the ease of using OpenOffice :smiley:

PDF = good 8)

mac osx and linux [uhh, is it kde? cups?..] both have print to pdf options in … well pretty much every application that can print

… much cooler approach too

And if you want any kind of specific form features of PDF (or flexibility in choosing output formats), Scribus is probably the best (free) tool out there.