How to build the included plugins ?

My question is in the title. How to build the plugins in installpath/plugins ?

Hi iblendval,
depending on your setup, you may not have to. But if you download some experimental build from and extract the zip to the desktop, then set the path for the plugins which will be inside the .blender folder (hidden by default).
I’m on Linux but it would be the same on Windows too.

au revoir

P.S. The above reply assumes that you have downloaded python from, and installed it already because python is not included with MS Windows.
If you have problems, please paste the output of your console window after blender starts and someone will be able to help you from there :slight_smile:

I’m on Ubuntu 8.04, and I use the SVN version.
In my /home/val/blender-svn/install/linux2/plugins I have only the ****.c files.
And when I try to use “make” the error message says I did’nt have the permission for bmake.

There should be a script called “bmake” in the parent directory of the plugins directory. Make sure to chmod it so the file can be executable. (It isn’t be default) Run the script and it should go through the plugins folder and compile any c file it finds in there. It’s doesn’t support c++ files though, so if you have any plugins written in c++ you have to modify the script a bit to get it to work with those plugins.