how to burn animation onto DVD

anyone know how you can take a finished blender animation and burn it onto a DVD?

You need a DVD authoring software.
I use DVDforger, is freeware :stuck_out_tongue:

i have a DVD burner and everything i just need to know how to get it from blender onto the DVD

Well, a DVD authoring software is not only a dvd burner, it converts AVI files to mpg-2 that can be read by normal DVD players… therefore you need to render your animation to AVI and then import it to the DVD authoring software and encode it.
If you already know this, and doesn’t solve your problem, guive me a litle more details :wink:

Use DVD Flick, open source DVD burner that really simple.

:stuck_out_tongue: Thanks by the info Rabid Rabbit, I didn’t know about this one .
I’ve dowload it, it’s rely a very easy and powerfull dvd encoder.

By the way flibbertygibbit it’s probably better render your animations to Quicktime-Animation codec-best quality, it guives smaler size files then AVIraw and without limitations (AVIraw files can only have 2Gb max) and the same losseles quality :wink: the catch is that it may not be importable in some DVD authoring software.

Also if you are using FFMPEG, you can just set the codec to mpeg2 and it will create a *.dvd file which can be burned straight to a dvd with whatever, if you want to add menus and all that though, you are probably better off with another video format.

yea those are all good but i dont know how to get the files from blender into quicktime or anything else, is there a tutorial somewhere that will tell me how or could you guys show me? im kind of a noob at all this.

Ya! Take a look at this image, it should do the trick ^_~

The same issue was discussed here, take a look it might help :wink:

yea i get what the picture is saying i just dont know what to do with the output directory. the other thread said something about numbers or whatever but what am i supposed to select?

In the output directory you just have to select the place in your Hard drive where you want your animation to be saved. For instance C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Anim
the last name you write it will be the name of the .Avi, .mov or whatever file you choose.
The numbers it must be refering to the animation start and end frames that you have to set before hit animation and they are the number of frames that your animation will have.

so you save it as whatever then you put the number of the first and last frames in the name. like (animation 1,400) and then click save?

:no: No
Take a look, this image explains a little better.

so how long generally will it take to save the whole animation to an AVI?

Depends, among others things, of the complexity of the scene, resolution, number of frames… hardware speed, etc. It could be minutes or years (not joking)
Give it a try, the best way to learn how to do stuf is making it :wink:

dang, i forgot i changed the fr/sec to like 125 because i was messing with it, and now its like 3 seconds long. how do i change it back to the normal rate? or better yet change the frs/sec in the saved animation without having to do it all over again?

:wink: you really need to change the fps back to 25 and render all over again, there’s no way arround.


You could use an external editor like VirtualDub to change the FPS without reencoding everything, or you could load the saved animation into Blender’s Sequence Editor and render the sequence out at the right frame rate. Or you could rerender it all, if it didn’t take too long.