How to Buy a PLC professional animation

Hey everyone!

This is my most recent project from work! I’m responsible for everything other than the voice over and music.

Blender and Cycles were used for all aspects other than editing the animation sequences together.

There were a lot of challenges involved including long render times, figuring out the ocean simulations, figuring out how to handle mist, etc etc etc.

Let me know what you think!

Grate style!

That’s a great movie. Did you use the ocean simulator ?

Loved it!!!

Very nice!!! I’m assuming that you used the water simulation for the water, correct?

I really want to compliment you on great job with this ad. It flows really well and has good visuals. You obviously got a good voiceover actor.

The above water sequences looked excellent, underwater not quite as convincing, but still very good. I’m curious…was the speedboats water spray done in post?

Just a great all around job.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

@RenderStreet and Ludovic_L: I used the ocean sim displacement option. I had a giant triangular mesh that was subdivided more closer to camera and less further back, and it was ONLY visible in the field of view of the camera. Saved on memory this way.

@harleynut97: The spray was accomplished using a particle emitter with a TON of tiny spheres. Then, in the compositing editor, I used an ObjectID pass to blur it out some to give it that “misty” feel.

Thanks again for the feedback, all!