How to calculate the easin and easeout to match a bezier curve

does someone know how to calculate the easein and easeout to match e bendy bone to a bezier ?
this one comes pretty close but only if the handles are 90° to each other.

# hlength1,hlength2 = curve handle lenghts
# lenght = length from start to endpoint of the curve
ease_in = (hlength1/(length*0.390464))-1
ease_out = (hlength2/(length*0.390464))-1

i am happy about any tip.

You probably have more luck in the python section. What exactly are you trying to do? To match a bbone to a bezier curve?

Unfortunatly i have tried the python section already also developer talk forum but without any luck.
I will try to write a script to align bendy bones along a mesh and control it as a network but i need the proper factor for easein and -out to use the bezier math to do so.
Its possible to reconstruct the bezier handles by the points along the curve.

I’m sure your familiar with this site. The page is pretty old but why not try to contact him over the comment section.

i tried already via developer talk and send him a message and saw he viewed it already…i mean its his good right not to answer.
But hey thanks alot for your effort trying to help.

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